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What Causes Relapse?

Getting braces is an investment into the long-term health and aesthetics of your smile. However, countless patients face relapse, the process in which once straightened teeth revert back to their original position. Not only does this erase the work previously done by your Brickell orthodontist, it puts teeth at risk of decay, gum disease, and accelerated wear.

At the Brickell Center for Invisalign, we know what a financial and time investment any orthodontics treatment can be. If you’d like to see your beautifully straightened smile last well into the future, be sure to look out for these critical contributors to the braces relapse.

Age: As we grow older, wear and tear takes a toll on our smiles. As enamel begins to wear away, teeth are exposed to greater pressure and slowly begin to shift out of their corrected position.

Lost Teeth: When teeth are missing, the subsequent gaps left in the arch allow neighboring teeth to begin moving into the empty space. Not only does this erase the work done by braces, it also opens the door for cavities and gum disease.

Teeth Grinding: Jaw alignment plays important role in preserving a corrected smile. If damage occurs to the temporomandibular joint or patients develop bruxism later in life, the teeth may experience accelerated enamel wear. Overtime, bruxism can push the teeth out of proper alignment and ultimately require retreatment.

Continued Growth: Even after puberty, the jaw and arch can continue to grow. Further tooth development, such as wisdom tooth eruption is a major culprit behind teeth movement after initial braces treatment. While wisdom teeth can be removed, if left long enough in the mouth, the third molars gradually push teeth out of position as they emerge. This causes teeth crowding, erasing the work of earlier corrective treatment.

How Do I Prevent Relapse?
Getting braces is a lifetime health investment. If you want to keep your smile in it’s ideal alignment, it’s absolutely necessary that you wear a retainer. Thanks to modern dentistry, patients now have a wealth of options to select from, including permanent and removable. During your post-treatment consultation with Brickell orthodontist Dr. Grussmark, we’ll cover your treatment options and help you determine which retainer system best fits your lifestyle.

Need a New Retainer? Call our Brickell Orthodontist
We want you to enjoy your beautifully aligned smile for as long as possible. If you notice previously treated teeth are starting to move out of position, call and make an appointment with Dr. Grussmark to explore your retreatment options.

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