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Bracing Your Teenager For Straight Teeth with Invisalign Teen

Invisalign teenWe’ve already touched on some of the physical health benefits of Invisalign. Today, we want to talk about some of the emotional benefits of Invisalign for teenagers. Most teenagers get braces at a time when egos are fragile and based on image.

According to an orthodontic study, most teenagers get braces around the age of 12-17, depending on when and how their permanent teeth grow in. Middle school and high school is a hard time for your child’s self-esteem, where mean kids will come up with any reason to bully someone.

Just think about the derogatory slur, “brace face.” There was even an entire cartoon show, “Brace Face,” about the embarrassing and awkward tribulations of being a teenager with braces. Unfortunately, traditional braces are a common causes of self-esteem issues in teenagers. At this age, metal brackets and wires draw attention to bullies that are already looking for any reason to get an insult in.

Surveys of Self-Esteem Issues in Teens with Metal Braces

A lot of teens have crooked smiles, when their permanent teeth grow-in. For some teens, braces are unavoidable. In fact, half of all orthodontic cases are between the ages of 12 and 17. According to a survey by Kelton Research, about 54% of teens felt like metal braces would feel more self-conscious than having crooked teeth. About 50% of teens polled that they’d smile less with metal braces, rather than keeping their teeth untreated.

The study found that teenaged boys are more self-conscious about wearing metal braces, while girls were better at looking at the positive long-term effects of braces. Boys were also less aware of dental hygiene than girls at the same age. About 84% of teens felt like they couldn’t fit in with their peers because of their metal braces. On the other hand, about 11% of teens felt like wearing braces weren’t that big of a deal.

According to the survey, one teenager claimed in an interview that “when you walk into a room with braces, you feel like everyone is looking at you…or when you’re talking to someone, they’re just looking at your braces.” Yeah, this might seem dramatic, but teenagers are known for being dramatic. Why not make this transition age as easy for them as possible? Luckily, Invisalign can straighten your teen’s teeth, without it drawing attention to their orthodontic treatment.

Why Choose Invisalign Teen?

In Invisalign’s infantile days, it was rarely used to treat teenagers, because aligners just weren’t advanced enough at the time to treat teen orthodontic cases. Not to mention, they were worried that teens wouldn’t wear their aligners. With recent research on the self-esteem problems caused by metal braces, as well as advancements in Invisalign technology, more orthodontists are using clear aligners to treat teenagers. It turns out that Invisalign is actually more conducive to the extra-curricular lifestyles of teenagers, who commonly participate in sports, music, and other activities.

What do these activities have to do with wearing metal braces? For one, metal braces can cause serious dental trauma in sports injuries. While this isn’t a regular occurrence, it’s easier to bypass the worry altogether by wearing flexible clear aligners.

Trying to learn a woodwind instrument with traditional braces is also next to impossible. Not to mention, once your teen gets their metal braces off, they’ll have to entirely relearn the embouchure of their instrument. An embouchure is how you have to shape you lips for your mouthpiece, since metal braces will change their face shape. This can set your teenage back, especially if they’re trying to pursue music after high school and into college.

Another thing to think about when deciding on traditional braces or Invisalign for your teen is their dental health practices. Teens are notorious for not keeping up with their dental health. Wearing metal braces without proper dental hygiene can lead to significant enamel wear, especially if your teenager consumes a lot of carbonated and sugary drinks. Not to mention, common snack foods like apples, popcorn, and chewing gum are tempting in teenages. They’re also common destroyers of metal braces, which will lead to more trips to the Orthodontist.

Invisalign teen can help your teenager get straight teeth, without impacting their lifestyles or self-esteem. Not to mention, with the advancements in Invisalign technology, Invisalign can treat even the most advanced orthodontic cases, all under the radar in a discreet way.

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