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Does Invisalign Get Tricks or Treats on Halloween?

Tricks or Treats on Halloween with Invisalign

There’s no denying that Halloween brings a sense of vitality and excitement for children and their parents. Houses get decorated, kids pick out costumes, adults go to masquerade parties, and life is generally flowing at a positive pace. If you’re undergoing the Invisalign process to straighten your teeth, chances are you’ll have to consult with your orthodontist prior to the celebrations.

What Kind of Food is Acceptable on Invisalign?

Children love knocking on doors and asking for candy. Teenagers dress up and hoot and holler when holding out a bag for treats. With Invisalign treatment, the key is for the teen to remove their clear aligner trays prior to eating, store them in a safe and clean place, and put them back in after a night of indulging in treats.

There’s one caveat though–sticky and extremely chewy foods that are likely to get caught between your teeth are not recommended. The same can be said for staining foods, like red wine, colas, teas, coffee, and dark chocolate. During the 20-22 weeks of Invisalign treatment, it’s best to avoid foods that can complicate the overall process.

It’s also worth noting that brushing and flossing after a night of sweets is vital for keeping your smile healthy. This helps remove any leftover candy particles that can potentially reverse the Invisalign smile goal. Once you’ve adhered to a proper oral hygiene regimen, putting your aligners back in is mandatory.

How Seasonal Activities Affect Your Invisalign Experience

It’s not only Halloween that requires attention during the Invisalign process, but football season has begun and plenty of junk food makes the rounds at football parties. This can be tricky with Invisalign clear aligners. It’s okay to indulge in your favorite foods, however it’s vital to be mindful of drinking too much alcohol, as any chances of not remembering to put the trays back in could set you back while on Invisalign treatment. Another noteworthy topic with Invisalign treatment is exercise and workouts. After-school athletic programs are popular among teenagers and Invisalign trays must be removed prior to football or soccer, or any other athletic practice. The risk is too great of losing a tray during strenuous activity. After athletics, simply clean your teeth and re-apply the trays. A benefit of Invisalign is that they’re practically undetectable, hence no unsightly wires or brackets like traditional metal braces.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Grussmark uses the latest 3D imaging technology that generates a blueprint of your child’s teeth and their movement. By doing so, he can monitor a teen’s new aligners to ensure that their teeth adjust with ease. The signature Blue Dot Wear Indicator fades as they are worn, which keeps the teenager responsible for proper wear. A busy and active lifestyle doesn’t have to be limited with Invisalign.

Now that Halloween and holiday season are upon us, give us a call to further inquire about the value of Invisalign and whether or not you or your teenager are ready to smile again once the pumpkins light up and the witches come out to play.

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