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The Holidays and Your Teeth

As December rolls around and the kids are gearing up for time away from school, parents are readying themselves for an onslaught of holiday cheer. From office parties to neighborhood gatherings to time with family, ‘tis the season of everything scrumptious and overwhelming.

But what about your oral health? How does this time of year affect your teeth?

Make a Plan

When you write down an intention list, not simply as a New Year’s resolution, but an overall healthy reminder on what you might want to avoid in terms of sweets and unnecessary snacks, and how you choose to spend quality time exercising and maintaining your health, it’s a significant tool for success. Making a plan on what parties to attend, which ones to avoid, and sticking to it can truly keep you in line.

Your Oral Health

One of the greatest hazards of the December holidays is the effect this month has on your smile. During the holiday season, it’s all too easy to forget about brushing after a night of red wine, certain sweets can get stuck between your teeth, and flossing isn’t always a priority.

Here’s a simple list of helpful hints for taking care of your smile during the holidays and throughout the coming year:

  • If you switch to white wine to avoid teeth staining, remember the acidity is still active in the wine and it can also yellow your teeth (same as red wine).
  • Instead of eating chocolate every day, try to mix it up with citrus fruits that are in season.
  • At parties, sneak away to the bathroom sink after eating and drinking and rinse out your mouth by swishing warm water in it, helping to remove plaque and leftover food particles.
  • Say “no” to soda and sour candy that strips away your essential tooth enamel.
  • Drink water in between sips of red wine.
  • Eat some cheese or an apple, which have been known to clean the teeth.
  • Get plenty of rest. (Your oral health is directly related to your overall health.)
  • Go outside and enjoy the sunshine. (Vitamin D helps strengthen bones, giving your jaws and teeth more solid nourishment.)

Tis’ the Season

Just as you’ve taken steps to monitor your oral health during the holidays and throughout the New Year, scheduling your cleanings and dental checkups with Dr. Grussmark for the new season will ensure you’re one step ahead of any dental problems should they arise.

If you’re going through Invisalign treatment or need an evaluation about whether to give your smile an upgrade, our Centre for Invisible Orthodontics in south Florida (the Brickell location) can answer any questions you may have.

Call today to learn more about protecting your smile during the holidays. Your success is our success.

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