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Visibility of Invisalign and How to Stay Confident

plastic Invisalign alignerIn our previous blog, we discussed the convenient and curative powers of Invisalign. We compared the benefits of Invisalign versus traditional braces. Part of our discussion involved the embarrassing and uncharming aspect of having a mouth full of metal.

Dr. Grussmark in Brickell, FL would like to piggyback off of our last blog to talk to adults who are worried about the noticeability of the Invisalign system.

Oftentimes, I hear patients say that their children will try and make fun of them for getting Invisalign- which makes sense, seeing that kids are incredibly sensitive to change and don’t understand the dental health benefits of straight teeth.

If you’ve ever seen this video that was featured on Tosh.o, then you’re certainly aware that there’s a stigma on adult braces no matter the form. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about wanting to straighten your teeth.

Invisalign markets itself on being virtually invisible, and while this is true, there are some aspects that you should take into consideration. 

Will People Notice Your Invisalign?

Invisalign has a lot of positive aspects. For one, they’re clear trays, and you can remove them anytime you need for big events or pictures. However, they’re still visible, so people might notice that you have a plastic covering over your teeth.

Invisalign isn’t completely invisible because of the following 3 reasons:
1. Canopy Effect. When you’re wearing the aligners, your teeth are basically wrapped in plastic. You can see the thickness of the plastic, which creates a clear canopy effect around your teeth.

2. Plastic is shiny. While plastic isn’t nearly as shiny as metal, the aligners will still make your teeth look shiny. However, this is only evident when you’re in bright lights or direct sunlight.

3. The borders of your aligners might be visible. If you have a particularly big smile, the edges of your aligners might be seen on the top of your crown when you smile.

People who are super close to you will notice. Your family, close friends, and significant others might ask questions. The good news is that most strangers won’t notice. When people are more than 3 feet away, they most likely won’t recognize that you’re wearing Invisalign.

Your colleagues and acquaintances will be less likely to notice, but if they do, there are certain ways you can handle questions that will show everyone that you’re confident and suave.  

If you’re worried that Invisalign will cramp your style, here are some tips to confidently talk about your Invisalign.

Owning up to Invisalign

If you’re worried that you won’t know what to say when people ask what’s on your teeth, confidently tell them the truth. You could try something like, “yeah, I got Invisalign because I want straight teeth, and I care about my dental health. This will help me in the long run.”

You’ll appear intelligent and assertive about your life. People will appreciate your honesty and authenticity.

In the beginning, your Invisalign might hinder your ability to speak clearly. Some people say that their clear braces caused a slight lisp. In this case, you should just laugh it off. Tell everyone you got Invisalign, and you’re not used to talking with them yet.

Most patients say that even though their Invisalign can make it hard to say certain letters like “F”s and “V”s. Patients say this minor impediment doesn’t significantly impact their life, and they’re still happy with their Invisalign choice.

If you have a significant other or spouse, then you should tell them about your Invisalign treatment. Most likely your significant other will be proud of you for taking charge of your oral health. On an even more positive note, most patients say their spouses are happy to kiss them with their Invisalign trays in.

Not to mention, if you’re with someone who is embarrassed by your Invisalign, then you should rethink the relationship. Plus, when you finish your treatment, your teeth will be more beautiful than ever.

To keep your Invisalign aligners keen and beautiful, make sure that you’re keeping your them clean to avoid dental hygiene problems and bad breath. With that said, you might have to change your diet to avoid tartar buildup and staining of your aligners.

One way to stay cool is by drinking cold water. Warm tea, sugary drinks, coffee, and wine are sure to stain your aligners.

Investing in Invisalign

From an aesthetic perspective, Invisalign aligners are less distracting that metal braces. However, there will still be some noticeability. Luckily, there are some extra steps you can take to feel comfortable with yourself while wearing the aligners. Just like traditional braces, you might have to make some temporary lifestyle changes to get the results you want with Invisalign. These small changes are miniscule compared to the huge difference you’ll see, once the Invisalign system starts straightening your teeth and increasing your overall well-being.

Dr. Grussmark in the Miami-Brickell is an Invisible Braces guru and will be able to talk you through any questions you might have. Keep checking out our blog for more information on Invisalign, clear braces, traditional braces, and all the health benefits of straight teeth.

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