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Does Invisalign Get Tricks or Treats on Halloween?

Tricks or Treats on Halloween with Invisalign There’s no denying that Halloween brings a sense of vitality and excitement for children and their parents. Houses get decorated, kids pick out costumes, adults go to masquerade parties, and life is generally flowing at a positive pace. If

A Complete Smile Transformation with Invisalign

Now is the time to kiss your self-consciousness goodbye. When was the last time you flashed the largest grin to a passersby and felt confident about it? With Invisalign, the answer to your smile transformation has arrived. Invisalign Versus Metal Braces First off, traditional metal br
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First Impressions Make A Difference

From hair and skin to clothes and jewelry, a person’s appearance is a constant trigger for snap judgments. Whether meeting a potential relationship or interviewing for a job, first impressions can make all the difference in how you’re perceived. Perfect teeth alignment is a catalyst f

Are Children Good Candidates For Invisalign?

The mere thought of getting braces as a child can be a scary and confidence-diminishing event in their lives. What will my friends think? How will I look and how long do I have to wear them? A plethora of questions cross a child’s mind from the get-go. Invisalign to the rescue. While

Does Invisalign Interfere With Your Relationships?

Are you hiding your smile behind closed lips? If so, your relationship in both work and at home, may suffer. Most people understand the importance of a brilliant smile and how your outward appearance can make or break your confidence with first impressions. Whether you’re in a longsta

Why Invisalign is the Cosmetic Treatment You Never Knew You Needed

Successful cosmetic dentistry starts with tackling the underlying health issues. That’s why some of the best treatment plans are those that incorporate restorative and corrective solutions as well as cosmetic enhancements. After all, while you can whiten a crooked smile, only braces l
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5 Questions Every Patient Has About Invisalign

At the Centre for Invisible Orthodontics in Brickell, we get a number of questions from patients thinking about getting Invisalign. Check out some of the most common questions we get about clear braces then schedule your consultation with our Miami orthodontist today!
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A Deeper Dive: Why Flossing Matters for Braces Patients

Most patients are aware of the importance of flossing. From removing embarrassing leftovers to preventing gum disease, flossing is one of the best preventive dental habits patients can actively engage in. For braces & Invisalign wearers, flossing is even more important. Braces are

6 Things to Know Before Starting Invisalign

Crooked teeth. They’re a reality that too many of our Miami patients face. They can make anyone feel self-conscious, forcing them to hide their smiles behind closed lips. And for too long, the only treatment for crooked teeth wasn’t much better—braces! But it’s 2017, and dentistry has
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Invisalign for the Busy Body

If you’re like most people, you like to travel. One of the largest adversities that come along with Invisalign is keeping your treatments on schedule while traveling. However, with a little foresight and planning, traveling is easy with Invisalign. In fact, traveling with Invisalign i